1. 32-bit Linux (Ubuntu is preferred)
    • Live CD’s are fine.
    • Live USB is fine.
    • Native install is fine.
    • VM’s are unsupported.
    • 64-bit Linux may work with 32 bit libraries, but is also unsupported.

    Or Windows

    • HTC drivers installed and working – fastboot AND adb drivers
    • HTC sync removed (not closed – REMOVED)
    • All other phone software removed or disabled (Samsung Kies, PDANet, etc.)
    • VM’s are unsupported.

    Do NOT clutter our support channels with support requests on an unsupported OS configuration.

  2. A working internet connection
  3. USB debugging enabled on your device
  4. Fast boot disabled on your device (settings -> battery -> UNcheck “fast boot”
  5. Correct firmware must be installed on your device.
  6. Your device must be HTCDEV unlocked unless using Moonshine with the HTC Droid DNA.
  7. If you are currently running another firmware, you will need to upgrade to a supported firmware PRIOR to using moonshine s-off.
  8. Use the matching Stock RUU, some stock based ROMs may work, but we cannot test them all.

Once you confirm you meet the above pre-requisites, it’s time to get started.

  1. Read all of the directions on this page before proceeding to the downloads page.
  2. Ensure device is booted to android with usb debugging enabled.
    • USB 2.0 ports are preferred.
    • USB 3.0 ports are known to cause connectivity problems
    • You should not be connected using any hubs which may cause connectivity issues
    • Use the original HTC usb cable or a cable that you know to work with adb and fastboot on this device
  3. Ensure that lock screen security is disabled on your device.
    • no passcode lock
    • no pattern lock
    • no face lock
  4. Download moonshine for your device. Linux users – this must be to your ~/Downloads direrctory.
    • Linux users – do NOT try to download or run it from your Windows/Mac drive or a USB drive that is not formatted for native Linux use. It won’t work!
  5. Extract the archive
    • tar -zxf moonshine*.tgz (Linux)
    • Unzip the moonshine zip file (Windows)
  6. Execute distiller – linux: sudo ./distiller windows: double-click distiller.exe
  7. Agree to the terms and conditions you are prompted with in distiller
  8. Allow the exploit to do its work.
  9. Your device will reboot several times throughout the process.
  10. Allow the tool to do its work, don’t touch anything.
  11. Profit.
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