Moonshine S-OFF

Moonshine is a tool to give you S-OFF on your phone and install a custom hboot which will give you most of the advantages of an engineering hboot. The custom hboot will allow you to individually flash or erase any partition on your phone.

What moonshine can do for you

  1. S-OFF Your HTC device if it is a supported model and firmware
  2. Unlock your bootloader (devices that are blocked by
  3. Install moonshine hboot. This is a customized hboot with many eng-style commands.
  4. Install su binary
  5. Install Superuser.apk
  6. Install busybox
  7. Install an unsecure stock kernel


Moonshine S-OFF comes with NO WARRANTY (express or implied). There is NO GUARANTEE OF FITNESS for any particular task. We have made every effort we can to make this a safe process for users, however the authors disclaim any liability for damage to your phone or other materials or devices used during this process. The entire risk of running moonshine S-OFF lies with you, the user. By using this software you acknowledge and accept that the authors are not liable for any loss, material or otherwise, howsoever caused.


Developed by Fuses, beaups, and hyuh. Any donations/bounties for moonshine s-off should be sent by clicking on the donation button on any page of this site.

Moonshine s-off is the results of hundreds of hours of hard work by the individuals mentioned above. The binaries contained within the moonshine package you download should not be shared, rehosted, bat’d, integrated into a one-click, repackaged, or otherwise distributed or reused. This software is NOT open source.

This software is provided free of charge for personal non-commercial use. For commercial use or redistribution a WRITTEN agreement with the authors is required, unauthorized commercial use or redistribution is subject to penalty fees or $10 per usage or download, whichever is greater.

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